Logistics Staffing Agency for Warehouse Distribution and Temporary Intermodal Personnel in Houston, TX

WorkersIf you’re in logistics, you know that your business’s reputation hinges on your company’s ability to work efficiently, deliver on promises, and coordinate difficult assignments on short notice. All of these things are challenging enough without the added burden of being understaffed. In fact, ineffective logistics staffing can result in miscommunication, reduced customer satisfaction and costly errors. So, don’t leave your logistics and distribution staffing to chance; trust in the experienced team at LPC Personnel! As a locally owned transportation logistics staffing agency, we have proudly served businesses throughout the Greater Houston area for more than 3 decades. From distribution employees and intermodal personnel to warehouse employees and other logistic staffing services, we offer temporary, contract to hire, and direct hire positions; so you can choose a staffing solution that is right for you. At LPC Personnel, we understand the fast-paced Houston logistics market, and we are ready and able to meet all of your staffing needs!

If your Houston logistics business has positions that need to be filled quickly, or if you are searching for candidates that posses a specific or specialized skill set, LPC Personnel is the name to know. Properly sorting through applications, conducting face-to-face interviews, performing thorough background checks, and following up on references takes time. When you leave the work to our experienced and dedicated logistics staffing agency, you free up your valuable resources and key personnel, so you can focus on better serving your customers and growing your business. We get it right the first time because, unlike other transportation logistics staffing agencies, we don’t just staff warehouse personnel, intermodal employees and distribution personnel; we partner with your Houston business to understand your unique needs and match you with qualified staff that have the perfect combination of skill, personality and commitment to help your business run more effectively.

In logistics, time is money. Make the best use of your time and resources by partnering with LPC Personnel. We understand how vital staffing is to the success of your operation, and our experienced intermodal staffing experts stand ready to deliver. From logistics temporary staffing to direct hire warehouse staffing — if you need it, we can supply it. We know the Houston logistics industry, and we are proud to bring the experience, resources and commitment necessary to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more, and see for yourself why so many businesses in and around Houston depend on LPC personnel for their logistic staffing services.