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What makes LPC Personnel, Inc. stand out is the diligence of our recruiting process. Our experience in the business means that temporary hires, direct hires and part-time employees are all given the same thorough screening. Our stability as a staffing agency means recruiters work with individuals, and only one recruiter is assigned to each client and candidate, giving you, the customer, personal attention and focusing on the needs of both. Some agencies have revolving doors of recruiters, but our staff’s average tenure is six to ten years. That means you’ll be working with the same person who understands and knows your needs, and they will be able to quickly and efficiently find you the best employee or job.

If you’re a client, you can rest assured that we are prescreening only the best candidates possible for the roles that you have available. We’re also thinking of your company and open positions as we carefully go through each and every applicant.

If you’re a candidate, know that while we cannot accept everyone for our positions, we are always on the lookout for jobs that will fit your skill set and background.

To apply for positions that fit your personal work experience, just apply on the website or through the job board, or send us a copy of your resume via email link. We work by appointment only.

If you’re invited to interview with us in person, we’ll have you fill out an application, along with skills assessment testing, depending on the position. We ask all potential candidates to bring a copy of their resume and two forms of ID (such as your driver’s license and social security card) to the interview. After meeting and speaking with one of our recruiters, we’ll determine if you’re a good fit for our available temporary or direct hire positions.

We pride ourselves on superior customer service.  We offer after-hours rotating phone service so that there is always a recruiter on duty to answer after-hour phone calls. If you have a staffing emergency, such as a need for extra temporary help or an immediate need to fill an opening– our recruiters will be there to help.